Q: Why are we merging?

A: By nearly doubling in size, we will be able to enjoy economies of scale that will allow us to focus our time and energy on productive objectives and move towards more savings, products, services and support that will help propel your success.

Q: Will the Realtor or MLs fees increase?

A: We do not anticipate an increase in fees, although your invoicing breakdowns may be changed slightly to create unified billing.

Q: How can you service my local needs when you become such a large Association?

A: Regional Boards will be created for Eastern Broward County, Western Broward County, South Palm Beach County, North Palm Beach County, & the Treasure Coast. Regional Boards will cater to the unique needs of the area & represent the best interest of local brokers & agents. The Boards will be comprised of members who are active in the area & elected by the members through a Membership Nominating process.

Q: Will the staff and offices remain?

A: Yes, as part of our agreement all six offices & all staff will remain giving you enhanced customer service across South Florida. We plan to increase broker office visit training sessions & online education opportunities to better serve our members.

Q: Will I have to use a new MLS system?

A: No, your current MLS access, username, & password will remain the same. Your contacts, saved searches, auto-emails, & CMA's will all remain intact.

Q: I now pay for memberships to both GFLR & RAPB in order to receive feeds of listing data from both areas for my website. Will I have to continue to do so?

A: No, you will now receive two listing data feeds that include listings from both systems by paying one low-cost membership fee

Q: Having two sets of rules is confusing, will the rules be combined?

A: Yes, we are excited to work together to standardize the rules for both systems.

Q: Will my Committee still exist?

A: Yes, your Committee will continue throughout 2017.

Q: What additional benefits will I receive?

A: MLS benefits will initially remain independent in each MLS system. Over time we'll integrate products & tools from both systems so members of each MLS will have the full benefit of all resources. You'll now enjoy market updates for Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, & St Lucie Counties.

Q: As a current FlexMLS or Matrix user will I be able to try out the other system?

A: Yes, you will have the opportunity to try out the FlexMLS or Matrix system for a free 90-day trial. More info on the trial program will be released in the coming weeks.

Q: Will I receive a discount or refund on my dues?

A: Dues and fees are nonrefundable; however, we are nearing the end of the dues cycle for this year. If you are a secondary with GFLR or RAPB you will not be charged any secondary fees when renewal dues are posted.

Q: Will there be an increase in dues?

A: We do not anticipate any increases at this time.

Q: Will we be getting any new services or losing any existing products?

A: At this time, the services will remain the same. We are in the process of assessing our products and services to best fit our member’s needs.

Q: Can I skip the trial and switch to the other MLS system (FlexMLS or Matrix)?

A: Yes if you would like to transfer your service and begin using a different platform you can contact membership@rapb.com for FlexMLS access or membership@r-world.com for Matrix access.

Q: Am I able to take education classes in any of the 6 office locations?

A: Yes for a list of classes available in Broward County visit www.r-world.com/education, you can register for these classes by calling 954-567-5049 or emailing education@r-world.com. For classes available in Palm Beach and St Lucie County visit www.rapb.com/education, you can register for these classes by calling 561-353-9190 or emailing registrar@rapb.com

Q: Am I able to use both MLS systems?

A: Yes, if you are interested in using both Matrix and FlexMLS there is a small fee for the additional access. Contact membership@rapb.com for FlexMLS access or membership@r-world.com for Matrix access.

Q: Will I be able to get Supra service in any of the 6 locations?

A: Yes, all 6 office locations have Supra support staff that can assist with any of your Supra needs.