In order to vote you must be a member in good standing.
You have three voting options:

  1. In-Person

    You may vote at the special meeting on May 25th, 2017. The member shall check either yes or no on the paper ballot and sign the ballot, print the member’s name and the member’s Florida Real Estate License Number on the ballot.

  2. By Proxy

    You may designate a Proxy Holder to vote on your behalf. They must attend the Membership Meeting in person and present their ID to cast the proxy vote. Proxy votes will NOT be entered in any online format. In order to designate a Proxy Holder, please complete the proxy form designating a member in good standing as your Proxy Holder; sign the proxy where indicated and fill in your Florida Real Estate License Number. Please deliver the signed proxy (or a copy or other reliable reproduction) to the Proxy Holder to present in person at the Membership Meeting. A member in good standing may cast a vote for each properly executed proxy in his or her possession in person at the Membership Meeting. The proxy holding member should attend the meeting and fill out the portion of the ballot under the section entitled Signature for Vote Via Proxy. The proxy should be attached to the ballot and maintained in that manner.

  3. Online

    A member in good standing who participates in the webinar on May 25th, 2017 may vote remotely by electronic means. Register for the webinar by clicking here. When voting commences, the member will receive an email from and will need to input the required passwords and pin numbers in order to cast the vote.

    Make sure to add as a safe sender so your voting email doesn't go to your spam folder.